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AG - Elemental abbreviation for silver.

Alloy - A mixture of two or more metals melted into one compound.

Altered Date - A coin with the date manipulated or altered after the coin was produced. Often done to try to deceive someone, taking a common date coin and making it appear to be a rare date coin.

American Numismatic Association - The most popular nonprofit educational coin collectors organization in America. Encourages the study of numismatics; the collecting of coins and paper money. Often called the A.N.A., the association is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A.N.A. - Abbreviation for the "American Numismatic Association."

ANACS - Abbreviation for American Numismatic Association Certification Service, located in Englewood, Colorado. This third party grading service is the oldest grading service and was founded in 1972.

Anvil Die - Represents the bottom die. A coin is struck using two dies. One for the obverse (front) of the coin, and the other for the reverse (back) of the coin. The term comes from a coin planchet being placed on an anvil with the (planchet) on top. The hammer die (top die) was placed on top of the coin and struck with a hammer.

Annealing - The process of heating coin blanks (planchets) in a furnace to soften the metal prior to striking the coin.

Assay - The scientific process by which a metal is tested for validating its metal content and purity.

Au - Elemental abbreviation for gold.

AU - Abbreviation for Almost Uncirculated.

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