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Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion Products

We purchase most common gold, silver and platinum products at very competitive prices including but not limited to gold coins, gold bars, silver coins, silver bars and silver rounds. Offers will be based on current market prices (spot price) and the type of product and condition. All products will be tested and validated as genuine before purchasing and all completed purchases are final.

Important: We strongly recommend that you call before visiting our store to verify that we will buy the item(s) that you wish to sell.

90% Silver Coins

U.S. minted dimes, quarters and half dollars prior to 1965 that have no numismatic (collectible) value due to wear or damage from circulation are considered 90% silver coinage or "junk silver".

Miscellaneous Silver Coins

In addition to the 90% silver coins we also purchase 40% Kennedy half dollars dated from 1965-1970. Jefferson nickels that are dated 1942-1945 are what we refer to as “war nickels” which contain a small amount of silver and we purchase those as well.

Common Date Circulated Silver Dollars

Common date circulated silver dollars are similar to junk silver in that they are U.S minted 90% silver coins, but they are bought and sold for more than just their inherent silver value due to popularity. We purchase common date circulated morgan and peace silver dollars at four dollars less than we sell them for (see our 90% Silver page for our current retail prices).

Coins & Coin Collections

Our business model today is primarily the buying and selling of precious metals. We changed our model back in 2014 due to the steady decline in the coin hobby. However, we do still stock collectible coins and from time to time buy coin collections to integrate into our inventory. Our goal is to match our inventory with what our customers are looking for. Today, proof sets, mint sets and many other U.S. Mint products have just lost their popularity with collectors and are simply not in demand any longer. Many other common products in the industry have also declined in value due the the overall decline in the hobby.

If you feel that you have a coin collection with quality coins that you wish to sell, please feel free to stop by or call us (817-485-2646) and we will speak with you regarding what you have. If we don't have any interest in purchasing your coins, we can certainly steer you in the right direction. In addition, we offer a consignment program that has been very successful in helping our customers with liquidating their collections. Certain criteria must be met and we would encourage you to vistit our Consignment Program page for more information.

Paper Currency

We currently do not purchase paper currency of any type.

Gold Jewelry

C R Coins offers refining services on gold jewelry products only such as rings, necklaces, bracelets etc. What separates our refining services from many of our competitors is the process that we use in validating the purity (or karat) of the jewelry as well as determining the price.

First, we use technology based devices to validate the gold purity so that the customer can see the test results for themselves. Many companies still use the old scratch test method with acids and interpret the results as they see fit. Unless, you know how to read the test results yourself, you have to accept their conclusions. In other words, if someone determines that your item is 14 karat gold when it is actually 18 karat gold, your payout will be significantly less.

Secondly, all refining payouts are calculated by our proprietary software program that simply uses the current market price of gold, the karat of the items and the weight to generate consistent payouts. There is no need to negotiate for the best deal since every customer is treated exactly the same.

Every part of the process is always done in front of the customer and there is no obligation to sell. If you have stones, we will also be happy to test, remove and return them if they are large enough to do so without damaging.

Sterling & Coin Silver Flatware

We will buy sterling and coin silver flatware (forks, spoons, knives, etc.) that are solid sterling (92.5%) or coin silver (90%). Incomplete sets are acceptable, but plated silver items will not be purchased. Your items will be tested to verify the purity at no cost to you.

What We Don't Buy

  • Foreign Coins (with the exception of some gold and silver bullion products)
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Plated Silver Items
  • Pocket Watches
  • Stamps, Sports Memorabilia or Comic Books

Important: Persons wishing to sell items must present a valid and current drivers license or other legal I.D. and be at least 18 years of age. Also, due to the presence of firearms on the premise, no minors (defined as 17 years of age and younger) are allowed in the store without a parent or legal guardian...no exceptions.

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