Gold $1,962.10  -4.00      Silver $24.33  +0.02      Platinum $1,017.20  -1.20      Pd $1,340.50  -35.50
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Welcome to our in-stock product page. For your convenience we provide three viewing options. These inventory lists are kept current based on buying/selling activities throughout each day so it stays up-to-date in “real time”. Due to the high demand for precious metals, products can come and go very quickly so you may want to contact us to reserve the product(s) you wish to purchase.

You can call us at 817-485-2646 during normal business hours to reserve any product(s) on these lists. Understand that when you call and request that product(s) be reserved, you are asking us to pull that product from our inventory making it unavailable for other clients. At that time, we are going to lock you in at the current spot price plus the premium, tag that receipt with your name and hold the product for you. At that moment you are committed to the purchase at the agreed upon price regardless of market fluctuations prior to you picking up the product. Any product(s) reserved are to be picked up within 3-5 business days unless other arrangements have been made for clients currently traveling or that live outside the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

If you don’t want to reserve/lock in a price then please feel free to stop by at your convenience to purchase any products where you will pay the current spot price and premium at that time. Please note you do risk the product being sold out from under you if you choose this option and don’t reserve the product(s). Select a viewing option below to get started.

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Gold Spot: $1,962.10          Silver Spot: $24.33
Qty Description
1 Wallet Card with (16) 1 Gram Gold Bars (.0321 ozt. per bar for a total weight of .5136 ozt.) $1,440.
2 1/10 ozt. Canadian Gold Maple Leafs $260 per coin.
1 1980 British Sovereign (.2354 ozt.) $490.
6 $5 Gold Commems (.2418 ozt.) (4) 1988 Olympics, (1) 1986 Statue of Liberty & (1) 1987 Constitution. $530 per coin.
1 $10 1984 Olympic Gold Commemorative Coin (.4838 ozt.) $1,040.
2 50 Mexican Gold Pesos (1.2057 ozt.) $2,525 per coin.
3 50 Gram (1.607 ozt.) Pamp Fortuna Gold Bars in Assay Cards $3,250 per bar.
1 100 Gram (3.215 ozt.) Pamp Fortuna Poured/Cast Gold Bar with an Assay Certificate $6,450.
1 $2.50 Gold Indian 1925 D PCGS MS63 $625.
1 $20 Saint Gaudens 1907 PCGS MS62 $2,250.
92 Tubes of (20) 1 ozt. New "Buffalo" Silver Rounds (1 tube minimum) Spot +$4.00 per ozt.
36 Tubes of (20) 1 ozt. New "Don't Tread on Me" Silver Rounds (1 tube minimum) Spot +$4.00 per ozt.
58 10 ozt. "JBR Recovery" Bars from Great Britain (2 bar minimum) Spot +$4.00 per ozt.
46 10 ozt. "Buffalo" Bars (2 bar minimum) Spot +$4.00 per ozt.
81 10 ozt. "Unity" Bars (2 bar minimum) Spot +$4.00 per ozt.
320 2023 1 ozt. Silver Eagles Spot +$15.00 per coin. You may purchase any quantity.
1 $5 Roll of 90% Constitutional/Junk Silver Dimes $120 per roll.    Sold
15 $10 Rolls of 90% Constitutional/Junk Silver Quarters $240 per roll.
155 $10 Rolls of 90% Constitutional/Junk Silver Halves $240 per roll.
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