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We here at C R Coins have taken a unique approach in providing precious metal investors a local option in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. We provide our clients with an opportunity to buy and sell precious metals with complete confidence and discretion in a professional local retail environment with numerous security features, competitive prices and prompt payment. Our excellent reviews on Google and Yelp provide additional information regarding our positive reputation. Whether you’re a casual buyer or a major precious metals investor, we have the products and purchase options to fit your needs.

We would encourage you to stop by and see for yourself what separates us from the rest when it comes to buying or selling precious metals. The sections below illustrate several reasons to consider C R Coins for your next precious metals transaction.

Competitive & Transparent Pricing

C R Coins offers very competitive and consistent prices on all our precious metal products. There is no need to "haggle" for the best price on any product we sell. This consistent business model ensures that all our clients are always treated fairly and the same.


One of the biggest concerns for many of our clients is maintaining their privacy. We understand the concern and take every precaution to ensure anonymity for all our clients when transacting business with C R Coins. We do not collect personal information for precious metal purchases.

Customer Reviews

One way to determine the quality of a business is to know how other people felt after doing business with a company. We are quite proud of our twelve year track record and the relationships we have developed with our clientele. Our online reviews reflect this on both Google, Yelp and other online directories. In addition, we have an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau.

Product Testing

Clients can be assured when doing business with C R Coins that all our precious metal products are thoroughly tested prior to purchase. It is imperative to the success of our business to have a spotless reputation in the marketplace with our clients and vendor partners. We use several testing methods including the Precious Metal Verifier, manufactured by Sigma Metalytics which can test all the commonly traded products in the precious metals industry. In addition, we test products in front of clients to further provide a level of comfort that you are getting exactly what you paid for.


We pride ourselves in the way we conduct our educational process with our clients and we realize that your first visit may very well be just that...a visit. We do not believe in high pressure sales or scare tactics. We prefer that our future clients feel good about their first visit and walk away more educated and confident about making sound financial decisions in the future. We encourage future customers to come in and get a feel of our business model and how we approach managing the transactions within our retail environment. Our motto is simple: “knowledge is power” and we aspire to provide just that.

Selling Precious Metals Locally

Our business model is built to handle precious metal purchases as well as sales. We buy hundreds of precious metal products every month at competitive prices. Most internet bullion companies will purchase products back from their customers, but low offers, high shipping costs and a very long waiting periods for processing and payment can be frustrating. We offer our clients a fast and easy process to sell precious metals with immediate payment (cash transactions must be less than $10,000 per person or visit).

Safe & Secure Environment

We have taken numerous steps to ensure that we have a safe and secure environment for our clients. Unfortunately, for security reasons we can not elaborate on all the details, but we can assure you that we have taken all steps necessary to create a safe environment for transacting business. Furthermore, all personnel at our location are armed and highly proficient with firearm safety.

Private Appointments

Clients making large precious metal purchases that prefer a more private setting have the option for a private appointment. Private appointments offer more confidentiality, security and one on one consultation. If you are interested in setting an appointment, please call our retail store at 817-485-2646 during business hours for more information. In addition to general consultation, payment options and delivery options, security arrangements can be discussed in depth as well to ensure a smooth transaction.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer a wide variety of payment options for our clients. In store purchases can be made with cash or a debit card (with PIN) at no additional cost. It is important to note however that if your making a large purchase with your debit card you should contact your bank prior to your visit. Most debit cards have a daily limit for security, so calling your bank in advance to increase your daily limit can save you time when you decide to make your purchase. If you are placing a special order you can pay with cash, debit card (with PIN), personal check or wire transfer. In any case, we do not accept credit cards, third party checks, cashier checks, crypto currencies or any other form of payment not previously listed above.


Our business model is built around an embankment of trustworthiness and old school philosophy. We treat people the way we would want to be treated. We realize that you have options when purchasing or liquidating your precious metals and want to create an experience that you feel good about after the transaction is complete. We shoot straight and we don’t deviate from our principles. We invite you to stop by any time and take the tour, ask questions and become fully educated in the world of precious metals.

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