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Deflation - A business cycle during which consumer spending is seriously curtailed, bank loans contract and the amount of money in circulation is reduced.

Deliverable Bar - A precious metal (such as gold and silver) with a weight, fineness and hallmark that is approved as a tradable unit on the commodity exchange.

Delivery - The tender of the actual commodity such as gold or silver against a short position in futures during the period allowed by the futures contract.

Die - A piece of metal engraved with a specific design used for stamping planchets that the become coins.

Double Eagles - Sometimes referred to as Old Gold the $20 Double Eagle coin traces its beginnings to the California Gold Rush of the 1840s, when the U.S. Treasury was receiving a large amount of gold from the mines. In response, Congress authorized the $20 face value gold coins. The Double Eagle went on to become one the most popular coins in terms of currency in the United States, until they were discontinued in the 1930s. Two styles were made, the Liberty $20 gold pieces and the $20 Saint Gaudens.

Double Bottom - A technical term indicating that the commodity or individual stock has twice declined to, but failed to penetrate, the approximate lowest level reached during the preceding reaction.

Double Top - Is the reverse of a double bottom, indicates when a commodity or individual stock has twice moved up, but failed to penetrate, the approximate highest level reached during the preceding reaction.

Dow to Gold Ratio - Is the amount of gold it takes to buy one share of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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