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Margin - The amount of money or securities deposited by a client with a broker to finance part of the cost of a purchase. Margin is also the difference between the cost or a product and its sale price.

Margin Account - A brokerage account wherein listed securities may be purchased with the aid of credit provided by the buyer's broker.

Margin Call - A demand made by a broker upon the client to advance money or securities either to finance an initial purchase or to maintain the minimum margin requirements set by the commodity exchange or the brokerage firm.

Market Instinct - The ability to interpret with reasonable accuracy, the true meaning and significance of price movements and volume changes along with their relationship.

Market Value - The actual monetary value of a commodity product. For example spot price is $1,200 for an ounce of gold. That means the market value of a one ounce gold bar is $1,200.

Mexican Silver Libertad - The Silver Libertad coin was introduced in 1982, though it underwent a distinct style change in the mid-1990s. The rear design was original to the Centenario gold coin that was minted from 1921-1947 to celebrate Mexicos independence from Spain. The history of the coin itself is relatively short, but the real history is in the mint that produces it. The National Mint of Mexico, or Casa de Moneda de Mexico, is by far the oldest minting facility in the Americas. It was established by Spain in 1535 and has been minting coins ever since.

Milled Coinage - Also known as machine-struck coinage it is used to describe coins that are produced by some form of machine press.

Milled Edge - A raised rim around the outer surface of a coin.

Mint - A manufacturing facility for producing coinage.

Mintage - Total number of coins produced/manufactured that year for a specific coin.

Mint State - An uncirculated grade of a business strike coin that has never been in circulation. There are 11 grades within the mint state category from MS 60 - MS 70.

Mint Mark - A letter or letters on a coin, which represents the particular mint, which produced the coin. Some examples would be CC for Carson City, D for Denver, S for San Francisco and W for West Point.

Moving Average - A graph or trend line that is plotted on a chart reflecting the price of a commodity over a given period of time.

MS - Abbreviation for Mint State an uncirculated coin. The MS category ranges from MS 60 MS 70. The higher the number the better the coin, MS 70 is a perfect coin.

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