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Rarity - Generally relates to the scarcity or relative unavailability of a coin.

RCM - Is the abbreviation for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Reeded Edge - The edge of a coin with grooved lines that run vertically around its perimeter.

Refining - The separating and purifying precious metals from other base metals such as copper or nickel.

Relief - The portion of a coin design that is raised above its surface.

Reverse - The back or tails side of a coin.

Rhodium - A silvery-white metallic element of the platinum family, forming salts that give rose-colored solutions. Used to electroplate microscopes and instrument parts to prevent corrosion. Periodic symbol: Rh; atomic weight: 102.905; atomic number: 45; specific gravity: 12.5 at 20C. Melting point is 3,565 Fahrenheit or 1,963 Celsius.

Round - A round is a precious metal silver coin issued by a private entity and is not intended for circulation. A silver round does not have legal tender status and is not backed by a government. Silver rounds come in hundreds of designs and are typically only worth their silver content value.

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