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GLR - Is the abbreviation for Gold Lease Rate, the interest on an unsecured gold loan. In fact, it is the derived rate. GLR is defined as: GLR = LIBOR - GOFO.

GOFO - Is the abbreviation for Gold Forward Offered Rates, is the interest you should pay if you swap gold for U.S. dollars. It is a common transaction in London and published daily by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).

Gold - A precious yellow metallic element, highly malleable and ductile, and not subject to oxidation or corrosion. Periodic table symbol: Au; atomic weight: 196.967; atomic number: 79; specific gravity: 19.3 at 20C. Primarily used in gold coins and bullion along with jewelry. Melting Point is 1947.9741 Fahrenheit or 1064.43 Celsius.

Gold Bricks - These gold bars are what you see on television and in the movies, like the Italian Job. Weighing 400 troy ounces, these bars are also known as 12.5-kilogram bars. Several of the largest gold companies around the world manufacturer these bars for delivery. As you might imagine, get your checkbook out for one of these bad boys.

Gold Confiscation - Also known as the executive order 6102 of 1933. It was an executive order signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt forbidding every U.S. citizen from owning gold.

Gold to Silver Ratio - The amount of silver ounces it takes to buy one ounce of gold.

Gold Standard - A monetary system with a fixed price for gold. Currency backed by gold within a country or is supplied with notes that are redeemable in gold.

Government Issued Bullion Coins - Modern bullion coins come in all precious metals from government mints around the world. Modern bullion coins are purchased both as bullion and for their somewhat collectible and numismatic value.

Graded Coin - A coin authenticated and graded by a neutral or impartial, third party professional grading service such as NGC or PCGS.

Grain - One of the earliest units of weight for gold; one grain being the equivalent to one grain of wheat. 1 grain = 0.0648 grams or 0.002083 troy ounces.

Grams - A metric unit of mass or weight equal to 15.432 grains or one thousandth of a kilogram. There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce and 1,000 grams in a kilo.

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